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 The Database


Bellow is represented the relational links between the tables. You can get a full data description by clicking on the picture (PDF formated).



 PHP Modules


The tslogparser tool can be split into several modules: Installation / Update, Generic Administration; TestSuite Specifics; Database system specifics; Visualization.


Installation / Update

This module checks on each page loading that the database is up-to-date, and is also responsible for creating or upgrading the database schema as needed.


Generic Administration

This is the user interface part of the database management. It provides the privilegied user with the tools to add new testsuite releases and new log files.


Testsuite Specifics Module

The administration interface enumerates the plug-ins files. Each plug-in provides the functions to add a new testsuite, delete a testsuite, add a new run and delete a run. See source file modules.inc.php for more information on this. You will also find a lot of useful information in the admin/modules/new.mod.php.template file.


Database System Specifics Module

This module aims to provide a simple abstraction layer for the database access. By providing wrapper routines for querying the database (SELECT, INSERT, ...) it is made possible to have the tslogparser tool use database engines other than MySQL. At the current time however, only MySQL module is provided.


Generic Processing Module

This is the general-user part. It consists in providing the user a tool to browse inside the database contents to find quickly what are the known testsuites releases and runs. It also allows to browse inside a given run and extract information (filtering, statistics, ...). Last but not least, it permits to compare several runs (of the same testsuite -- same testsuite release currently).

All this processing is NOT dependent on the testsuite structure (or plug-in).


Future Modules

Please refer to the TODO file to see other possible improvements.


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