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The goal of this project is to provide a tool for simplifying the analysis of logfiles issued when a testsuite runs.

As an example, the Open POSIX Test Suite (see links section for details) contains about 1850 testcases for the conformance testing. Running this testsuite results in collecting a large amount of data: the test results, but also messages from testcases and/or from compiler.

Our project provides a simple method to store all the data in a database, and then access it through a web interface. This is more user-friendly than browsing a huge text logfile, but also it permits more complex operations such as comparing several runs, filtering the displayed information, accessing general information about each test, etc... - please refer to the features description for a complete overview.




This project was first born from the NPTL Tests & Trace Project needs, which homepage is located at http://nptl.bullopensource.org.

The initial tslogparser release can only process the Open POSIX Test Suite logfiles format. Project information and downloads are located at http://posixtest.sourceforge.net/.

The Scalable Test Platform is a place holding a lot of testsuite runs results, including the Open POSIX Test Suite. This is typically a potential place to use the tslogparser tool, as well as internally in most integrators Test Teams. The homepage for the STP is located at http://www.osdl.org/lab_activities/kernel_testing/stp/.


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